Andrew Cotterill
Furniture Maker
Oak Gallery Chest
I design and make furniture from solid hardwoods, usually oak and ash.

  The design develops as the work progresses at the workbench. I buy the timber as matching 'through and through' boards - the slices can be reassembled to give the form of a log. This ensures that the grain and colour will match for each item of furniture. A job will start by cutting straight pieces from the boards but I try to give back to the finished furniture a sense of the tree it came from, using the curves and grain patterns of the wood.

  The furniture is wider at the bottom to give a sense of solidity and balance. The back of a cupboard is panelled. Every piece of wood is finished with a spokeshave, gouge, or hand plane before assembly. This leaves a smooth but slightly uneven feel, attractive to the touch. I protect the surface with a finish based on natural oils.

  Wooden knuckle hinges have been used for hundreds of years and I have adapted the idea to make the hinge integral to the cabinet door or chest lids. Most furniture has no metal fittings or fixings.

  Through my observation and understanding of the arts and craft movement earlier in this 20th Century and from exhibits at St Fagans Folk Museum, the nature of the wood - and its physical constraints - is still the same, and the solutions in making the furniture is often the same over the generations.

  I feel an affinity for earlier craftsmen who relied only on hand tools, and often feel in contact with them through their everyday objects and the honesty of their work.

  I specialise in cabinets, chests, tables and out-of-the-ordinary architectural features. I will make individual pieces and welcome commissions.

Oak Gallery Chest
Desk in Ripple Ash
Oak Sideboard
September Sideboard
September Sideboard
Oak Dresser
       57 Burnley Road
       HX2 7JD
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Member of The Makers Guild in Wales
Sea Chest - Waterfall
Sea Chest - Cliffs